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Personal Loans

At INB, we give you the peace of mind for those "just in case" moments. Maybe your car transmission has gone out or you need to replace your water heater unexpectedly. With INB’s personal loans, you can apply for a specific amount of money for a specific need. Loan repayment schedules cover a set timeframe up to two years.

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Vehicle Loans

INB offers many types of secured loans for vehicles, motorcycles, RVs/campers, boats or other watercraft. With local decision-making, our secured loans are quick and hassle-free.

Year Term Rate1 APR1
2018-2020 60 4.40% 4.504%
2018-2020 72 4.65% 4.709% (Only for $30,000 or greater)
2017 60 4.75% 4.854%
2016 60 5.25% 5.355% 
2015 60 5.50% 5.606%
2014 48 5.75%  5.880% 
2013 48 6.25% 6.381%
 Older than 20121 36 8.25% 8.424%

  • Payment Assumptions
  • Interest rates and annual percentage rates as of today.
  • 1 APR and interest rates are subject to change without notice. Rates listed assume excellent credit history. Your actual rate will be determined when you apply and will be based on many factors, including credit history, age and make of vehicle, amount financed and term.
  • Some fees may be assessed to obtain a loan with INB.

Apply for a Personal Loan

Cash Reserve

If you need access to cash, INB is here. We’ll determine your limit and set aside a dollar amount. Then you can write a check to access your cash reserve line. Repayment is simple: we will debit your account each month for the minimum payment due. (A small transfer fee applies with each advance on your line.)

Wondering what your loan payments will be, or how much you can afford to borrow? Use our loan calculators.