Like people, mortgages come in many shapes and sizes . . . and there’s probably one that’s right for you.  Your loan officer can help you decide which program meets your specific circumstances. 

Conventional Fixed-Rate Programs

If you plan to stay in your home for a long time and want the security of knowing your interest rate and principal and interest payment will not change, an INB Fixed Rate Mortgage is right for you. At INB, we give you a choice of terms. We can fix your rate and principal and interest payment anywhere between seven and 30 years.

Conventional Adjustable Rate Programs (ARMs)

Do you know you will only be in your home for a short period of time or just want the lowest possible interest rate and aren’t worried about long-term rate changes? You may want to consider an ARM from INB.  We have ARMs with initial fixed periods of three, five or seven years. The rate can change annually after that.

First-time Homebuyer Programs

INB participates in the Illinois League Grant Fund Program, which is typically made available beginning in mid-March. Each participating institution gets limited funds, so the money is available for a limited time. We also offer programs through the Illinois Housing Development Agency (IHDA) which offers special benefits to first-time buyers. If neither of these programs fit your needs, we offer 97% financing on Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgages.


INB proudly offers VA programs that assist our veterans with 100% financing on their home purchase with no need for mortgage insurance which can mean substantial savings. We also offer FHA programs which offer a low down payment and are a little more forgiving to past credit issues than a conventional loan. You don’t need to be a first-time homebuyer to use either of these government loan programs.

Jumbo Loan Programs

The maximum amount for a conventional loan in the Central Illinois area is $453,100. INB offers many options to buyers looking at high-end homes who don’t want to put enough down to get to the conventional loan limit. We have both fixed- and adjustable-rate conventional loans, as well as split-financing options, where you take out a second mortgage for the funds above the conventional limit to avoid monthly mortgage insurance.

Construction and Lot Loans

Looking to build that dream home? INB makes the construction process easy with our many years of experience in construction lending.  Not ready to build yet, but want to buy the lot? Let INB help with different down-payment options.

Bridge Loans

Don’t let that house of your dreams get away just because your home hasn’t sold!  Let INB assist you with a bridge loan. You can borrow against the equity in your home for the down payment on a short-term, interest-only basis. This limits your monthly payment while you wait for your home to sell.